Sunday 27 December 2009

Anything Goes Favourite

Thank you all for your entries this week they have been a pleasure to look at, and it was hard to choose any favourites.

But it had to be done, so the favourite is Kerry, I love that she stuck to using the forever friends images, despite the open theme, I love that she made two entries, one showing her skill at batch making, and another showing her eye for detail.

Hopefully, Kerry will agree to being our guest designer next week, so watch this space!!!

Monday 14 December 2009

Anything goes!!!

This week we have an open theme, so really anything goes!!

But there is a twist: we are looking for a guest designer, and we will invite our favourite from this challenge to be a guest designer for us.
The challenge runs for two weeks

Here are the samples from the design team.



1. amanda2. Fiona L3. Marika4. Karen Tallon5. mandi6. Debbie7. Patti8. Gloria M.9. Papercraft Vixxen (wendy)10. Jeri M11. Jessi12. Jeri M
13. Steph14. Hazel15. Hazel (Didos)16. Lynsey17. allison18. Kazabing19. Kerry20. libeeti21. libeeti- second entry22. libeeti- 3rd entry23. libeeti- 4th entry24. Peggy R
25. Devon26. Sherry27. Debra28. Tip Top29. Kerry 30. Mojo31. Sarpreet32. Sarpreet card 233. Sarpreet 34. Margreet35. Marji

Sunday 13 December 2009

Forever friends favourite, anything but a card

We didn't have so many people take part this week, but the standard was very high.
We have chosen Tanja's entry, of this fantastic baby box, what a lovely gift for a new parent!

Monday 30 November 2009

30th November :guest host challenge

This week we have a guest host, the very talented Jackie (who you may remember was our forever friends favourite for the last challenge)

Jackie has challenged us to make

"anything but a card"

With our Forever Friends images.

Here is Jackie's gorgeous sample for us.

And here is what the design team made




1. Shaz
2. An
3. Christine x
4. Line
5. allison
6. Sandra212
7. Caro
8. Tanja
9. Debs

ff fave: glitter

This week our Favourite is from Kate with this gorgeous card, with the most beautiful glittering

Monday 16 November 2009

16th November Challenge - Glitter

This week challenge you to use Glitter in your forever friends creations.



I apologise for the temporary lack of Mr Linky, I had a minor problem with it, but all seems okay now.
1. Nikki
2. Hayley
3. allison
4. Angela
5. Suzie Q
6. Julye
7. Karen Tallon
8. Susie xx
9. Shaz
10. Natalie " Fifi"
11. Margreet
12. Tanja
13. Hazel
14. Hazel (another)
15. Lesley
16. Kate T
17. Renata
18. ankita
19. Linby
20. Little K Smith
21. Kerry

Forever friends favourite : sketch challenge

This week for our favourite we have chosen

For this beautiful card

Monday 2 November 2009

2nd November: challenge sketch

This week Emma has provided us with a delightful sketch for our challenge, you can make anything you like, as long as it is based on the sketch.

Here are the samples from the design team.




1. beckyboo
2. Becky Boo
3. Michele
4. Catherine
5. Debs
6. ~ Ali ~
7. Joanna Lamprou
8. Pipertä jä
9. Mel
10. Mimiko
11. Karen Tallon 12. Renata
13. Crafty Chris
14. Crafty Chris
15. Margreet
16. Stempelfan
17. Marika/ Finland
18. Hayley
19. Susie Little
20. kat
21. Julie
22. jackieb 23. Marianne
24. Loz (Aus)
25. Daniele
26. Susanne
27. Lesley at Grenouille Greetings
28. Jenny S. (UK)
29. Tip Top
30. Caro
31. Francesca

FF Fave: christmas

We had so many fabulous entries this week that we have decided to choose two favourites
This one from Elisa

and this one from Amanda

Monday 19 October 2009

19th October: Christmas

This week we challenge you to make Forever Friends Christmas goodies (cards, boxes, anything...)
Don't worry if you don't have any forever friends christmas images, try to think how you could make the images that you have got work for Christmas.
Here are the samples from the Design team


Joanne W


1. nikki
2. Mojo
3. julie - foxyenglishcrafter
4. Fe- Fe
5. Shell
6. Sarah Fewings
7. Nikola
8. Stempelfan
9. Debs
10. Crafty Chris
11. Julie
12. val
13. Hayley McLoughlin
14. Karen Tallon
15. Mimiko
16. allison
17. anita crazyknutselgek
18. Crafty C
19. Poppy
20. Anita Kwant
21. Amanda
22. Kat
23. Kat
24. Pauline C
25. caro
26. ~ Ali ~
27. Joe
28. Dianne
29. Pam
30. Lesley
31. Loz (Aus)
32. An
33. Debs
34. Elisa
35. Hazel
36. Susie Little
37. Debz
38. Alison
39. Jacky S
40. Kerry

FF fave: colours of autumn

This we we have chosen our favourite as Poppy, with this card, that uses the clours of Autumn beautifully

Monday 5 October 2009

5th October : Colours of Autumn

This week we challenge you to use the colours of autumn in your Forever friends creations.
Please note this challenge will again be running for two weeks- the next challenge with be 19th October.

Here are the samples from the Design Team

ff fave: fancy folds

This week we have chosen our favourite as
for the elegant simplicity of this beautiful card

Monday 21 September 2009

21st September : fancy folds

This week we challange you to use fold or pleats in your creation. You could fold your card in a different way to the basic card fold, or use folded paper on your card somehow. you could even interpret the theme in a completetly different way.

PLEASE NOTE: We are going to run this challenge for two weeks. the next challenge will be 5th October

Here are the samples from the Design Team


1. Crafty Chris
2. Sarn
3. Hazel (Didos)
4. Cat Darling
5. kat
6. Shell
7. Jeanet
8. Alison
9. Shaz
10. julie- anne
11. Charlotte
12. Susie Little
13. Stempelfan
14. Tanja

forever friends favourite: black white and another colour

This week the Forever Friends Favourite is

with this fun glittery bear

please note, that while we are okay with people linking any cards which fit the current theme, only those using forever friends images are eligible to be a forever friends favourite.

Monday 14 September 2009

14th September :Black, White and another colour

This week we challange you to make your forever friends piece using black, white and one other colour. (you can use grey too)
So what colour do you like with black and white?
Here are the samples from the Design team:

we had a little problem with MR Linky, if your link has disappeared, please feel free to add it again, and don't forget to leave a comment as well as (or instead of) using mr linky
1. Crafty Chris
2. Wendy M
3. val
4. Mojo Hugs (correct link)
5. Shell
6. Alison
7. Hayley McLoughlin
8. Patti J.
9. Cat Darling
10. Georgia
11. allison
12. Debs
13. kat :)
14. Wendy M (I closed down the blogsite with the previous link)!
15. Tanja
16. julie- anne
17. Shaz
18. susie little
19. Debs - (not sure other has linked!!!)

Forever friends favourite : wrap it up

This week our favourite is
With this gorgeous bag

Monday 7 September 2009

7th September: "wrap it up"

This week we challange you to think gift wrap. For example you could make a gift box, a tag, a gift card holder or even a gift themed card
Here are the samples for the DT

Baby Gift Basket

Joanne W
(tag/envelope to hold a gift receipt)


We are really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this week